Friday, 3 October 2014

The blame game...

If you have seen the video about the lil kid arguing with his mum about cupcakes you know what a pa-pow is...

If not... Well it's a whack on the bum! 

I love siddy's bum and I totally love whacking it! And I love the word pa-pow as does he!! 

So the other day while playing I said 'siddy I'll give you a pa-pow on your bum or what?!'

And he laughed and smacked his own bum!! 

Then we saw my mum quietly doing something in the kitchen .. So I told him go give nene a pa -pow.. 

Excitedly and almost running he went into the kitchen and 'whack' right on her bum!!! 

And he squealed in excitement while she pretended to have got hurt!! 

Now he was charged up.. He ran towards me then ran back and gave her one more smack!!

Again he squealed and she shouted out!!! He was going nuts by now... 

So my mum jokingly said ' who is this monkey that's giving me pa-pows ?!!' 

Guess what he does..

In a second he points towards me saying 'Mumma'!!!!

So not only have we pa-powed nene.. We have happily blamed mum for it!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Weellll... not entirely wrong... considering Mum instigated that thot into him!! :-p

    adorable kid.. yr siddy!! GBH!!