Tuesday, 4 February 2014

A litTle LeSs SunShiNe….

The last few months have been a real roller coaster ride for me emotionally….. I'm making some pretty major changes in my life… for the best i hope… but changes nonetheless….. and its taking a rather taxing toll on my usual sunshine happy core!

Recently i spoke to a friend about it and she said she was going thru something very similar….. and then she said something that really got me thinking.

She told me this:

One day she was joking and laughing with her son and husband

and her husband said to the boy "Look how your Mumma is always laughing"

and he replied

"No Papa, Mumma is sad"

Her two year old little baby was so sensitive to her emotions that he knew she was sad.

It got me thinking, like it got her thinking, how we have to be so careful not to let our babies, not even ones who can't talk yet, see us sad and unhappy. Because even if he can't tell me anything I have noticed recently that when I get sad, bumling does come to me…. and smiles at me or gently knocks his forehead to mine….. He understands…. he can sense that something is bothering me or upsetting me…

And I'm sure the emotion can pass on… I'm sure he could feel sad… and I would never want that.

So from here on… I promise my little baby, that no matter how tough things may seem, I will not let it affect me to an extent that he senses it.

I want him to learn, whatever little he can at this age, that we can get thru it all by not letting our happy cores get touched….

and to you guys who are reading my blog… bear with me a little… i have so much to say… but my days are kinda mad… and I am using my free time to hug my baby or watch tv to shut down my thoughts…. so the blogs may be few and far apart….

But soon the happy space will burst out and things will start being all sunshiny again… and i'll have some fun posts up :)

angry at mumma for pouting...

giving her his stern look

and look… we are smiling again!!!

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