Friday, 21 February 2014

My birthday wishes for baby boy!!!

My baby boy... You are the sunshine in your dad's and my life.... Not for a second could we have ever imagined that we would ever feel soooooo much love for some one apart from each other till you came... And what took us a while to build up.. With you it was literally love at first sight!!! 

On your birthday while I wish you so much happiness and incredibly wonderful joy... Here are a few things that your dad and I have learnt or wanted for ourselves and would like for you to have and to be able to do : 

1. Travel... Travel the whole wide world... And go to new places every time you travel... Meet new people ... Experience their lives... Learn their language... Have their food... It's a big world out there with lots of amazing kind of people..try and meet as many as you can!!!! 

2. Read a LOT! Books are one of the most magical things in the world... They transport you into worlds of amazing things ... Unimaginable things... They teach you about life and friends and relationships that will stay with you forever.... And they will keep your mind creative and your imagination crazy!! 

3. Dance.... It's in your genes!!!! Your dad's a mind blowing dancer and so you will be too... But also dance because it's one of the best expressions of your emotions... For me dancing is letting loose... Not caring about people... But more than that it's about being completely YOU... enjoy the rhythms... Groove to the music... Bob your head sway your hips ...You don't always have to dance well... Dance funny like I do sometimes...  Just as long as you are having fun! 

4. Try everything once... Don't assume things are not good or are scary or are wrong... Try it... Bungee jumping.... A sport .. Public speaking... Everything... Even if you think you can't do it.. Actually especially if you think you can't do it... 

5. Be non judgemental... That's the one quality your dad are I are proud of having.,, no matter who we meet in our lives.... No matter what they do or don't do... We treat everyone the same... And we are open to all kinds of people.... It's good because that way you will know more people! Also remember that everyone has their own shit going on... So if they are a certain way it must be because of something they are or have experienced in life... If you don't like them keep your distance but don't judge them...

6. And lastly follow your dreams....and work damn hard to achieve them...find something that makes you happy.... That makes you feel good... And then stick to it... Be patient and determined... We will always always have your back... To support when you need a gentle push and kick when you are behaving badly... But one way or another we have your back!!!!  

Today you are ONE.. My god! One year with you...already!!  

Well, this is the beginning to an amazing journey.... The three of us are going to have such a fantastic life together..... I promise you that :) 

Have a fantastic day and a super mind blowing year ahead!!! 

Sooooooo much love and sunshine.,,, 
Your mum!! 

I know you will kill me for this picture.,. But one day you will understand that you really are the best gift I ever had!!!! 

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