Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Birthday bash!

Bumling's first birthday was amazing!! 

We started off with wanting to do something small at home with close friends and family.... But eventually it turned out to be a big bash at a hotel with about 80 of my in laws friends!!!!!!

I guess it's true... Grandparents just can't resist going overboard with celebrating their grand kids....

Personally I wanted something small and intimate.... But I was more than happy with doing it their way.... 

However the only thing that I wanted was that even though there were no kids really at the party, I wanted it to look like a kid's party... 

So for days I thought and thought of the theme... Then I got all my material together and made all the decorations!!! I figured if that's what I love doing and want to do in life... Going all out with my baby's birthday is a great idea!!  

Aadi and I are in love with minions and have always called our little bumling a minion because he looks like one!! 

So from lanterns to the birthday banner to table center pieces to overall decor I flooded the place with minions.... Funnily all the adults loved it!! Some even took home my lanterns!! 

In fact even the birthday bumling was dressed as a minion!!! 

And he had soooooo much fun!! My genius mother suggested carrying his walker... So he had that complete freedom to run around the venue... At one point I actually saw him go to each table and smile at the people at it!! One of my granny's relatives had two kids seven and twelve I think, and they loved babysitting him... That way I could happily attend to all the guests... 

And when we cut that minion cake and sang the happy birthday song... He loved it!!! Gleefully he clapped his little hands and looked around at all the friends who had come to meet him and surprised them all by not crying! 

For the whole month me and Aadi's mum  have been singing the birthday song to him and encouraging him to clap at the end... He loves this song now.. Even today if I sing it he will clap!!!  Also for two days prior to the birthday we have been cutting cakes and singing the song he so was used to it...!!!

And then back to the walker for the rest of the night!! I swear his eyes didn't close till the last person had left the soon as they did however, he passed out!!!! Luckily I had his pram so he slept in there while I could enjoy my dinner!! 

As far as I have been to first birthdays, the kids end up sleeping thru most of it or getting overwhelmed by the guest who come and pinch their cheeks making them cry.... So I was happy to see bumling enjoying his party... Luckily none of the guests were really the cheek pinching kind... Also my darling husband would tactfully keep him out of reach of such guests!! 

We were home by two... Man what a party animal we are creating!!!!

 But the next day he slept at 1:30 in the afternoon and woke up at 6:00!!!!

 My poor li'l Super Happy Birthday Boy!!! 

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