Friday, 7 February 2014

PlaY dAteS And DaTEs!!!!

Something about babies meeting babies…. its just too cute!!

The way a one year old looks at a six month old…. and a two year old plays with a one year old it's the sweetest thing…

Sid has had playdates since he was very little and he has loved each one of them!!

With some kids he has taken his time…. with some he has initiated the playing…. some he has just stared at in utter amazement…. he's been bullied by some and some he has bullied some!!!

his first playdate :) with Aman…it was too cute because both had just learned to roll over and thats all the did the whole time!!

his first "date" with Sareena…. this was such a sweet moment!!

With Kabir… each one was amazed by the others daddy… sid loved Shivam's specs and Kabir loved Aad's hair!!

Yuvika and Yash… the amount of attention he got from these girls!!!

Chilling with Agastya…. this was too cute because at this time there was a third little boy in Sanyukta's tummy!!! 

The hooded gang….with Aarav and Aman…
At this playdate there were two more boys and two girls…. !! 

Hiya looking after him in the little car ride!!!

With his super cute older brother Amay!!!
can't wait to go out with Abhay as well… That way Siddy will have one older brother and one younger one!!!

With the munchkin with whom he had his most playdates… Nirvaan!!!
 The first day they met, Nirvaan so adorably kept getting his toys to show bumling…. and for some reason Sid was taken aback!! but after a few days of hanging out… he had sooooo much fun!!!!

The party boys!!!!

We also had a play date with mosho…. at his house and with his fun toys!

We met the cutest little baby girl Ayanna who was hardly a month old and bumling kept trying to pull her socks off while she slept!!!

We also had a fun playdate with two gorgeous baby girls Kiara and Myrah!!! his first kiss was from Myrah!!

And the ever naughty Tristya…. who was fascinated while i changed his diaper!!!! 

What i absolutely love is the varied shapes and sizes the little kids come in!! Cute little rollypolly ones… tall ones…. tiny ones…. bald ones…. ones with crazy curly hair…. small eyes… big cheeks… …. they even come with their own individual personalities….ones that scream and shout... ones that play on their own… ones that don't like sharing their toys… ones that happily offer theirs….!!!

I can't wait to see how many more friends he makes…. and what fun they have…. more like what fun i will have watching them!!!! 

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