Monday, 1 July 2013

The best compliment!

I think one thing you most appreciate when you have a baby is your mum!!! 

Every time you wash off the potty and heat his milk for the fifth time... Every time you wake up in the middle of the night!!!! 

She did it all for you... And well even today makes you yummy food when you want... And she listens to your raving and rantings!!! 

Every time I look at my little munchkin I think : will we be friends one day like my mum and me? Will we chat about everything everyday? Will he help me keeping up with technology like I do my mum? Will he come with me for movies and take me for concerts? 

On my part I do the best I can to be as good a mum to him as mine was to me... I love him insanely and look after him with a lot of care.. I don't molly coddle him.. If he is throwing a tantrum I let him be like she lets me be!!! And as he grows ill bring him up the way my mum brought me up.. She taught me not to judge not to treat people as they treat you if they treat you bad... To keep an open mind... To be spiritual not religious and even then to choose your own path... To read lots and lots and to stay connected to knowledge on every sphere... To be loyal and friendly ... 

So if I am to him what she was to me... Hopefully I will raise a good kid...!! 

But what makes me confident of that is... One day traveling back from Pune.. I was holding on to a slightly cranky baby and trying to keep him calm by talking to him about all sorts of silly stuff... Which seemed to work and out of the blue she said 

"you're a good mom" 

That was and always will be the best compliment I could ever get... And that will always make me feel like I can be a good mom!!! 

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