Monday, 29 July 2013

Travelling again...

Here I am getting ready to travel with the munchkin again. 

The last time I was really worried I would be the mommy everyone in the plane was giving bad looks to because of her screaming, bawling baby!!! 

But it wasn't so bad. We did everything the doctor prescribed... Aadi wore the baby jacket thing,Sid was so comfortable in it that he was asleep most of the time. Then we fed him during take off, he knocked out thru the flight and we fed him during landing. I was a bit worried about the landing because that's usually rough, but this munchkin started laughing while we came down all bumpy!!!! 

I guess he likes flights like his mommy and daddy!! 

The annoying part of travelling was the packing and the luggage. It took me five lists and four days before I was satisfied I had packed everything the last time. 

Enough clothes, in various sizes, bibs, swaddles, blankets, toys, socks, towels, napkins... We even took apart his bottle steriliser and bouncer and packed them into our suitcases!! 

That's another thing, with our crappy airlines you can carry only 15 kilos in check in, and with a baby you want to avoid any hand luggage, so you get so royally stuck! And while they take a grand as a fee for babies they give you no extra  luggage.. What, have they never travelled with babies???

Well lets see how it goes this time round.... Starting my packing today... One list down... Two days to go :) 

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