Monday, 15 July 2013

My Fun One!!

Having a baby is super fun.... have I ever mentioned that?

Yes he is precious and yes he is my magical wonder and super special... but fun.... have I ever said that?

Because he is...

I always thought babies were funny ... their sense of zero co-ordination their funny sounds and how they scare themselves with their own sneeze!!

Well little sid is no different! He's a constant blast to be around... When he was just a newborn, small things like the way his eyes would get super big when he heard a loud sound... it used to crack Aadi and me up... or how he would stretch himself completely, like every single inch of his body he would stretch and for a tiny baby it was quite a sight!!

We also love his sleeping positions.... he always always does something funny with his hands.... he places one on his cheek, one on his heart... sometimes he has this thinker pose going on with his hand on his chin... but my favorite is his praying pose... where he clasps both his hands together and puts his head up... ohhhhhh so adorable!!!

And now his noises just make me laugh...!!! He's finally found his voice you see... and he fully lets us know of it!! If even for a little bit we don't give him attention he screams out loud and makes these really funny sounds!!! It's between a whine and a cry and suddenly he'll start laughing!!

But whats really funny is when he does something silly and we start laughing out loud the poor baby gets spooked... so he stares at us with his big eyes wondering if we're laughing at him or with him!!!! poor li'l monkey!!!

His new crazy thing that really gets me rolling on the floor is his sense of, well rather lack of co-ordination!!! When we give him a toy he desperately wants to eat it up.. but in the bargain ends up doing some pretty mad things!

So what he does is while I'm dangling it in front of his nose.... he stares at it with utmost concentration raises his little baby hands in the general direction of the toy but unfortunately he clasps his little fingers inches before... but his eyes are still locked on the toy and he slowly takes his finger to his mouth thinking the toy is in it!!!!!!!!

He ha ha ha ha!!!

And that's not it.... the days he manages to get the toy in his hands its a blast to watch him trying to get it into his mouth... it goes to his ears, up his nose.... knocks his forehead with it.... oh the poor li'l darling.....!!!! And sometimes he ends up leaving his toy on his head or at his neck!!!!

He doesn't just use his voice to shout he also laughs out loud....  so when you make funny faces at him he has this super cute laugh... it starts off with no sound but the full act of a laugh - the big toothless mouth wide open and he even throws his head back.... and then he'll start laughing in little spurts waiting for you to encourage him!!! its just sooooo adorable!!

So you get what I mean... fun... he's just so much fun.... at just four and a half months he's my first choice to hang with when I want to just laugh!!!


  1. Fun he is.....! Sid can keep us is splits with his tiny antics and round, big-eyed expressions...At a 1000 pics per month, this is really good fun:-)))

  2. Ive seen him make those noises.. the funiniest ones are the ones between laughing and crying.. ;p