Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Daddy's (coming) back!!!

So Aadi is coming to Bombay today... He's going to be seeing Sid after almost a month....


To begin with I can't imagine being without Sid for that long (hell I don't survive like a few hours!!!) let alone imagining how exciting it must be for Aadi to finally see him!! 

When aadi and used to be apart for any reason we'd go nuts post two weeks... That's our limit... Post that we're dopey lovey dovey weepy people!!! 

But to be apart from your child... Who is literally a part of you.. That's got to be tough... It's hard on guys.. With their work schedules and " the man the provider duties" it's not easy for them.. As much as they would love to be with the kid 24/7 sometimes it just is impossible I guess..

Well I'm glad that despite this little thing of when i visit my mum and brother, neither Aadi nor I follow the typical woman nurtures man provides roles... We both look after Sid and we both work to give him a great life...   

So it's just as tough on him as it would be on me to be away from the munchkin.. Infact the first few days I wasn't even allowed to send pictures because his heart was breaking so much :( 

Well I can't wait to watch the reunion... Lets see who's eyes tear up most Aadi's mine or li'l Sid... After all he really really missed his daddy!!! 

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