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List of things to pack for the hospital!

While the idea of the delivery can drive you crazy... What drove me nuts was packing my hospital bag!!!

See I already had my date since I was having a c sec... It should have been easier right? 


I was going crazy searching the net for lists and reading up in my books as to exactly what all I was going to need on the D-day... And the few days post that... 

I furiously made notes in my little black book and even went to the hospital to confirm with them as to what all they would provide and if they had a list since my other twenty lists didn't seem sufficient!!! 

And finally I packed those bags... One for me and one for the little one... And to be perfectly honest... I hardly used anything!!!! 

Ok well not anything... But most of the things, well they may help others but were of no use to me... 

So here's my list... Ill put down everything but I'll mark out the things I didn't really need so you can then decide for yourself :) 

Lets start with the bag for you: 

1. Toiletries .. Everything from soaps, shampoos, toothbrush, paste floss... You may not use all... But you never know if you feel strong on day two you could ask the nurse to help wash your hair.

2. Clothes: essentially a few loose night gowns or t shirts incase you don't wish to wear what the hospital gives you - though chances are like me you'll be too exhausted to give a damn!! 

Socks and slippers - because hospital rooms are always a bit cold, and post surgery normal or a c sec you've lost some blood so your body temp will be a bit wonky. Slippers because the hospital ones suck!!

Maternity bras and panties- well for obvious reasons!!

A feeding wrap - This incase you know you will have lots of guests. A feeding wrap will make you feel more comfortable around them when you're feeding your baby- totally avoidable according to me. Because breast feeding is one thing you don't want to do on front of people especially not the first few times.. It's already a stressful moment in your life and your babies you hardly want witnesses... 

A going home outfit- A really nice comfy dress or your maternity jeans and a nice loose top.. Lots of pictures will happen that day!! 

3. Make up and hair bands- now except for a little kajal from day one, I didn't put any make up... Not that I do usually but even so. However some girls may feel great just having a little blush maybe a happy coloured lipstick.. Trust me you need anything you can get to feel fresh and cheerful in the first few days so if make up helps go for it!!

Head bands well they come in handy during breast feeding sessions.. It's your first time you hardly want a stray strand poking your eyes!! 

4. Music and reading material- I have heard that during labor it's nice to have some distractions so some calming music or some gossipy magazine could help. I had made Aadi carry some magic for the night before.. But didn't use it.. Just got him to tell me bedtime stories... It really helps me knock out!!! 

5. Cameras and their chargers. Your phone and the charger... Anything electronic.. CARRY THE CHARGER!!! nothing annoys more than a phone that is dying when you may need it the most.. 

6. Your pads... The hospital provides then for the first day or two but once the bleeding reduces you can use your own. Also they give like a fat gauze like pad which I didn't like.. So I was glad I carried my own. But remember get the maxi ones .. Imagine your heaviest flow days and multiply by three!!! Don't freak out that's only for a few days .. Mostly.. Probably.. Hopefully... Oh move on... it stops eventually!!!! 

7. Blankets and pillows from home.. If you're finicky- I wasn't I was happy with the hospital ones.

8. Nipple cream, lip balm and moisturiser. Seems like something that should be part of toiletries but its seperate because its that important. Sore nipples, dry lips and an itchy face are very irritating! 

9. And most important is your hospital file. The check in papers ( if you've pre booked in case if a c sec) your insurance papers and especially all your medical history thru the pregnancy. A new doctor or a nurse may need to go thru your details at anytime and you should have it on you. 

Now remember this is my own little list. For a c sec mainly... I know that for a regular delivery you may need many more things, oils for massages , maybe a sleeping pillow that curves for your bump ( a boppy pillow), certain foods and liquids you may need to have, maybe even a stopwatch to calculate your contractions to name a few. So before you actually pack that bag... Please check online or in your what to expect book.. It's all far more detailed.. 

These are just the ones that worked for me and a few extra.. Just to get you started!!! 

Now for your baby: 

1. Lots of swaddles!! You want to keep your little munchkin warm. So a few clothes as well.. Full night suits are the best, but if you want to put him in rompers be sure to carry booties and mittens and a few caps for sure. Calculate the number of days you will be in the hospital and carry at least four changes a day for the baby of everything. Initially he's going to pee like there's no tomorrow.. !!!

2. Which brings us to diapers.. I wanted to put him in cloth diapers from day one..all natural and all so I carried a bunch of them.. Till the peeing drove us all nuts!! The diapers really came handy.. Just till we got into the swing of things.. Once we were home we shifted to cloth ones... 

3. Baby bottles- no point. You're going to be giving breast feeding your best shot and if at all the doctors feel like he needs a top feed, it will be using a small spoon an a bowl. Also he can't have water so a bottle is kind of useless! 

4. Lots of napkins.. Soft ones to clean the babies mouth post feed. 

5. Baby wipes.. To clean his super tiny bum!! Don't bother with any soaps or shampoos or baby creams.. He can't bathe for at least ten days or till his umbilical cord falls off. He will be sponged so just carry a soft towel for him. Maybe a diaper rash cream but very very mild. A hand sanitizer is a must for you and everyone who comes in contact with your baby. 

6. A rubber sheet to put on the changing table or on the bed or on his cot.. Remember lots of peeing!! 

7. Bed sheets for his cot or cradle ( please check a) if your hospital provides one and b) if its nice and sturdy and if you need a mattress or anything soft) a warm blanket and a soft flannel for not so cold days. You could carry a baby pillow but I wouldn't recommend it. 

8. Mulmul fabric... I wrapped my little one in it and till date he loves having it around him.. So yeah a nice soft mul! 

9. A going home outfit. You should carry the cutest things you can because like I said lots of pictures will be taken!! Carry a special receiving blanket as well... It makes for a beautiful keep sake :) 

10. And most importantly a baby record book! You may not have the energy to fill in any details but just make sure you get his little feet and hands imprinted on day one or two or three.. How ever he is comfortable!! We got Sid's feet prints easily but he just wouldn't keep his hands still.. Till my and his favorite nurse just came in and did it!! 

The prints are my most favorite memory of the hospital..! 

Well that's the end of my list really... Like I said these are what worked for me and my delivery experience... I'm sure you may need a few more or a few less things.. Just make sure what ever you carry you don't have like a bunch of suitcase piled up in your room.. ! 

Also remember your hubby needs his own bag of things.. Basics like clothes toiletries, snacks, music, reading material and an ATM card!!! 

Here's a few links of sites I found with some great lists...

Also always read the comments ... there is a lot of information there from experienced mothers which the site may not have. 

Ok... so get packing... remember to start at least two or three weeks before your delivery date... because once you hit the ninth month that munchkin may decide to get out anytime!!!

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