Sunday, 14 July 2013

The world of semi solids...!!

Starting with semi solids is a big milestone in mommy world... it means your little one is growing up.... it also means longer meal times and messier babies!!!

I started Sid on semi solids when he turned four months, since I had stopped breastfeeding, his doctor recommended starting early.

Of course being the hawww mother that I am (!!!) the absolute first thing I made my baby boy taste was a little bit of the candies red velvet cupcake frosting!!!!! ha ha ha!!! yea yea I know you're not really supposed to but he loved it!!!

Then came the boring bananas and daal!!

I don't know if it's because I ate spicy salty food thru my pregnancy but the baby boy way prefers the daal and khichdis as opposed to the bananas and apples.

The first day was fun.... We got a little bowl and spoon, we mashed up the banana... and put him in his bouncer tied his little bib and got started... and then well.. lets just say the drama began..

At first he got extremely confused....I put some in his little mouth... he spat it out... I put it back he spat it again... this went on for way longer than i'd like to admit!!!

I am a person of very little patience... anyone who really knows me knows this about me!!

So I'm guessing this little boy is here to build that in me... Patience!!

Because that process of my feeding him and him spitting really went on and on!!! Towards the end (that's like twenty minutes and half a teaspoon later) he started frowning.... he was just not enjoying this...

Finally he gave up and howled!!!!

Luckily I already had his formula ready and waiting for him and he happily gulped it down!!!

But the week later when we gave him daal, he quite enjoyed it.... he liked the taste, the ghee and the dot of salt i'm guessing...because even on the first sitting he had quite a bit...!!

In fact now when we give him khichdi he actually comes forward for the spoon if I take time to get it to him!!!! 

Yes he's messy and yes his meal times go on for ever.... but hes just so cute when he's chomping on the spoon!!!

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