Thursday, 27 June 2013

Daddy's day in!!!

I’ve been meaning to write this post for so long… don’t really know why I haven’t….

I wanted to put this up on father’s day but too much was going on .. well here it is:

Gone are those days when fathers just came checked up on the baby post work… or simply asked the mothers how the kids were doing… today’s dads are totally hands on.

Right from the word go….

When I got preggie…. And wasn’t feeling so good in the first three months… aadi was super freaked… he was constantly checking up on me… making sure I was eating taking my meds, he would stand by me when I was sick in my tummy…. All thru… he was right there…

When I wanted to go to stay with my mum for three months of the pregnancy he not once said or suggested I don’t stay that long… he came and dropped me and came back to get me…. He took me to eat at all the fancy places I was craving… with my big belly and all… he was right there…

When the doctor said c-section he was super relieved…I was in shock for a whole day but through out he calmed me down talked to me of the positives and got me ready for the delivery…. The night before he stayed with me at the hospital and held me close… he was right there….

When the baby came, from the first moment he laid eyes on him he was in love again… and seeing him I was in love with him again!! The first night on he was happily changing his diapers and feeding him with a spoon and bowl… he just couldn’t have enough of his little boy…. He was right there….

When I went thru my breast feeding ordeal… he fully encouraged me….. sat with me whenever I needed him … hell I still can’t burp my baby because aadi always did it for me…. !!! he was right there…

And today with our four month old bundle of joy… he has conversations!!… he makes funny faces for him and even funnier sounds… he feeds him, changes his diapers (even washes his dirty cloth ones if need be with his cute nose all crinkled!!! For anyone who knows aadi and his cleanliness OCD will know how tough this is on him!!), he fights with me when I make fun of sid, and shouts at me when I playfully bully the kid!! And he holds him tight and whispers little stories in his ears….he rocks him to sleep and loves him eternally and with every single atom of his body….

He is always always right there… for little Sid and me…. And I can’t say enough as to how much that means to me!!