Thursday, 25 July 2013

A new mommy who me?

So often I find myself gazing at my little one wondering how?!!

How did I land up with a baby? 
How did I become a mommy?

I was never one of those girls who cooed every time a cute little baby passed by... I actually did that with doggies and puppies!!! 

But babies ... Nope never... 

In fact I was kinda petrified of them... Those super tiny fingers and toes.... A little tennis ball of a head that just doesn't stay put.... And they are all of what 12 inches in height if not lesser.. I mean really how are you supposed to be able to hold them??? 

And the fact that I always thought new borns looked like ET!!! Ha ha ha!! 

Actually come to think of it all new borns look the same!! 

So for me to have one of my own... Well that's something... 

I mean Sid was kinda planned... I was ready .. Being a super practical girl I knew the time was right, we had had three years of a responsibility free marriage .... I was turning 30... It made sense... Aadi of course wasn't ready.. But I realised he never would be, so on this one thing I had to take charge of the reins.. 

But seeing how things are today.. I think he's far more comfortable with being a new daddy than I am being a new mommy!!!

I mean I'm happy don't get me wrong.... but the amazement of it, of having a little baby clinging onto me... it still hasn't left me!

I still get confused some nights when i wake at 3:00, I look around and when my eyes settle on the little one it makes sense...

When I fold tiny clothes or wash baby bottles... somedays i don't understand it!!ha ha!!

Have you ever felt that... You're doing the most routine thing now... But cannot understand when it became routine!!! 

But then there are also days like today when I woke up, opened my eyes and saw my little munchkin staring into my face... And when he realised I had woken up he smiled his adorable little smile and everything about everything seemed like it was just how it should be!!! 

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