Thursday, 4 July 2013

Getting poked!!

I have alway always hated injections... Since I was a kid I would cry at the thought of having to get my blood tests done... 

Even when I met Aadi and he would accompany me for blood tests he would not only have to hold my hand and be completely embarrassed being the only one with a weepy adult amongst all the other kids who are at the clinic... But as a rule he had to (still has to) get me a chocolate post the injection!!! 

Well as they say whatever u resist will persist and all thru my nine months of pregnancy I had to take an injection every single day... 

So apparently my blood has a tendency to clot and my doc was worried that a clot could form near the uterus thus cutting off food supply to the baby... So I had to take blood thinning injections.. Yup every single day :( 

No I didn't get a chocolate a day..!!!! And no I haven't gotten used to injections now... Right till the last day I was upset about it!!! 

How ever whatever I go thru when I have to get a poke is nothing close to what I go thru now when I have to take little Sid for his vaccinations! 

The first one I missed because it was on his day two and I was still in bed.. But the next one when he got two pokes I had taken him to his doc...

Oh god I don't know who cried more him or me!!!! Of course I had to control my tears or his doc ( who is a sweetheart by the way) would think I'm such a sissy mother!!!!!!! Ha ha! 

But my baby .. Oh he howled and howled ... All I could do was to hold him close and sing to him.. 

Since then we've taken three more injections and each time I've had to hold my breath and clench my teeth to I don't cry as well.. 

Seeing him get poked is really a heartbreaking sight... But does that mean I can now take injections myself without crying? 

No way!!!! 

Also I really hope he goes on his dad and is a strong boy rather than a weepy little thing like his mommy!!! 

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