Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Two siddy's .... No way!!!!

So today I walked down the road from my house to get yummy roasted corn with a friend and siddy... The roads were so bad that I had to carry him all the way thru...

He's a big boy now... And super heavy!

At the corn stall, we saw these two cute girls in was wearing glasses but they looked very very similar...and while we were contemplating on that one of the girls told her mum we were looking at them so she turned and smiled at us...

I guess she got this all the time... So I asked her if they were twins... 

'Yes' she said laughing this exasperated laugh!! ' they are exhausting!' 

And we got into this whole conversation of how the first two years must have been and were hell for her... Breast feeding two bumlings and then changing their diapers... Must have been madness!! 

I came back happy with my one lil fellow.. And started thinking what if there were two of him? 

I think I would have lost my mind... Because he is a handful... Running behind him making him stop pulling and pushing and banging and destroying things ... It takes up both my hands and all my mind... 

How do these mommies handle two? And two such connected kids... Regular siblings is one thing but two who have this telepathic connection... Mad! 

So this lady was telling me how one would poop and immediately the other one would too.. How one would get hungry and the other would too!!! 

Well lucky for her one got glasses.. At least she can tell them apart!! Ha ha ha!!

No but seriously... While I am in two minds about having another... I thank my stars that my silly dream of ' have twins... One go and two puddings ' didn't  come true...because now that I have one ... I have the choice of the other!!!

Bless all you mommies with twins!!! 

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