Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Nakalchi bandar!

We now have a little copy cat monkey on our hands...

Everything and anything you do or say will be repeated! 

It's hilarious more often than not..

Like the time his Dadu said "Dadu ka puddu" and he would repeat "puddu!!!" 

He loves picking the last word of the sentence, what ever it is..

"Dadu ka cutey beta"


"siddy is a monkey"


Fine the last one was what I said to him!! 

Of course some days he picks up the wrong thing... The other day me and his dadi were in the car with him, and I was driving which means a lot of comments and small abuses being hurled all thru..,

At one point mom said "stupid girl" not to me, to this stupid girl who cut lanes without a signal, and next thing we hear is 

" stuuuuuupid" 

It's the cutest sound the way he said it but oh my god!! Trouble! 

Once I was jokingly shouting at my mum and I pointed my finger at her and said "shut up"

And what do you know...

Mister is now pointing his super tiny finger as saying " shaaa aaap"!!!

Uff... I have to be so careful now... For me the f word is a noun, adjective and filler... But the last thing I need is for him to repeat it!!! Especially out in public!!! 

He also copies all things we do... Every morning he sees us having our coffee and dipping our biscuits in it... So now not only does he want to have a biscuit he wants to dip it in my coffee! 

Yes I let him.. Two drops of coffee once a week... He'll be ok...

He loves following Aadi around the house doing what he's doing.. When Aadi wears his shoes he goes for his own shoes... He loves eating breakfast with his daddy simply because daddy is eating and he must copy him!! 

If we eat with a spoon he wants his own spoon...if we eat roti he wants roti.. Rice toh rice... 

The little bumling has even picked up the rather adorable but bad habit of cheers!!! 

We've taken him for a few parties and he loves the clinking of glasses... So everytime he insists on getting his own glass or bottle to clink with every one and when we say cheers he gets so excited!!! 

But all in all it's super fun watching him imitate us and everything we do.... I guess it's his way of learning and it's so damn cute! 

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