Saturday, 13 September 2014

A quick update!

Hey people... Sorry for being so out of it for a while now..

Have had the most power packed action filled last ten days ever... 

Aadi's parents and grandmum have come to visit the little bumling... So all my time has gone in making fun eating and shopping plans with them!!  

Add to that two big project deadlines have happened exactly while they have been here...

So been working at night till two sometimes three in the morning and then spending the whole day with them doing timepass has sort of taken a toll on me.. 

Which is why writing has taken a back seat! 

But the bumling is doing great with all the added attention he is getting.. He loves loves loves his ever loving grand parents and is a total Dada's chamcha... Following him around the house!! 

He has been playing and performing for them like a little doll on a key! It's just been tooooo much fun! 

I'll put up some pics and videos of the mini vacation (if not for my work) that I've been on soon :)

Ps: a quick update on the potty training.. We are now faking wanting to go to the pot simply to be taken into the loo where we immediately start playing with the bucket and water... So well, still a long way to go!! 

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