Friday, 26 September 2014

My Doggie Rescuer!

How a man treats a waiter says a lot about him.

Heard that one before?

Well how a toddler treats his stuffed toys says a lot about him too...

Siddy has a bunch of stuff toys... and he loves them... he kisses them and hugs them and feeds them

But I didn't know the extent of his love for them till he was gifted a remote control car...

So super excited daddy and siddy are playing with this spanking new red Audi car... and for fun aadi drives the car towards siddy's doggie.

Suddenly siddy goes " Stop Papa" he puts up his hand and toddles off toward his doggie and picks him up..." No No Papa"

He saved his Doggie!!

Another time we were playing with one of those toys, where you turn the screw around for a bit and let go and it whizzes around the house in super jet speed....

so this one was a dino and again for fun we put him on a little table...

Just as he would reach the edge, and before he fell, siddy was say " No No Papa" or "Stop Papa"!!!

That little 18 month old baby boy realised that the car could hurt his doggie, that the dino could fall off the table...  and actually asked his daddy to stop right in time.

Its amazing how sensitive he is.... my sweet li'l bumling!

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