Thursday, 25 September 2014

Feeding the Doll!

I made maggi the other day... I hate maggi...but some days I just get a craving for it.... and I have to have it!!!

So i made it like a friend of mine does... with garlic onion and other fun masalas.

I take my bowl and you know who comes....

"noodle noodle noodle...."

I know maggi isnt the best thing... but I gave him a few strands of noodles in his own bowl...

I have not seen a happier kid!!!

I think it was the texture the sliminess and the fact that he just couldn't get it in his little fingers that kept him mesmerised for about twenty minutes!!!

20 minutes people... enough time to enjoy a bowlful of maggi!!

While all of this was super cute... the cutest thing was yet to happen...

Recently bumling has been bugging me where food is concerned, so while feeding him to keep him entertained I've been play feeding all his animals....

"Now we'll feed Bhu bhu (the dog)" and I'll pretend to feed him and say " Next bite for Siddy"

and he would eat.

So at one point he takes his little bowl of noodles, walks to the window platform where his doll is, yes he has a doll... she's pretty and pink, and he says "Eat"

I'm laughing at this sight and next thing i know he has picked up a strand of noodle and put it on her face!!!!!!

"eat... eat" he tells her!!!

So mumma quickly goes, distracts him and removes the noodle from the poor dolls face and i say

" See Siddy, she ate her noodles"

promptly more is placed on her face!!!

I don't know what I loved the most... the fact that he's old enough to understand feeding someone, the fact that he plays with a little doll so carefully and gently... ahhhh... I don't know but i do know that kids... they do the funniest most heart warming things!

The Bunny, The Snake, The Doggie, The Monkey, The Camel, The Kangaroo.... And what they do at night!!!

Giving the Giraffe some milk while holding on to Alex!

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