Saturday, 27 September 2014

At 19 months....

19 months:

1. Bites into fruits and veggies without caring if they can be bit into! He loves picking an apple and biting into it.. But he can't tell the difference between one and a pomegranate!!!! Today at star bazaar I gave him a tomato and he loved eating it all squishy and juicy!! 

2. Everything must be repeated.... Everything!!! What you say what you do ... Copy cat number one! 

3. He loves water.. He loves filling one utensil then pouring it into another then another then stirring it... He can do this for hours!!

4. He loves his building blocks.. He loves making ' biiiiiiig towers'!! He loves putting them all into his box and then throwing them all out more than anything! 

5. He loves Yash... Yash is our maids son and siddy's best friend. Yash has a history of being the brattiest kid in the world to the point where his mother had to tie him to a bed once to calm him down!! And he is a mouse in front of the bumling... Siddy actually holds him by his neck and walks around the house.. The kid is taller and actually has to bend all the at thru.. but doesn't say a word!!

6. He loves his teacher and his friends at school. He recognises them in photographs by name... Which is kinda awesomeness!! for a little kid to recognise people from their pictures...

7. He loves the iPad.., yes we've given it to him.. He gets it for a few hours a day (scattered of course) mostly when he is eating or is super duper cranky.... We've got some fun nursery rhymes and some alphabet apps... But most of all he loved the mother goose club... Oh god so annoyingly happy they all are I wanna punch them one day!!! 

8. He loves saying big words like Kangaroo and Watermelon... but the cutest is when he says tongue twister (for him) like Gunvant (my mum's tailor) oh man he sounds sooooo cute!!

9. he loves his stuff toys... his camel and dog and kangaroo and especially my mum's monster!!

10. Man does he love his music.... This kid can dance!! Its adorable how much he loves listening to music and dancing... and everything from EDM to Hip Hop to Lungi dance he will shake that bum!!!

At 19 Months he is at his most adorable most fun stage!!!

Loving every minute of it!

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