Monday, 8 September 2014

At 18 months

Having an eighteen month old boy is like having a small hurricane in the house 24/7 !!! But there are also a few things about him which make me feel grateful he is a big boy now...

Here are my top favorite things about my little bumling at 18months:

1. The way he repeats every word you say. And the more difficult the word the more he enjoys saying it!! While this is awesome in terms of his vocab increasing.. It is also really taxing on me to be careful of what I say.. My vocab needs to be blurred or censored now!!!!! The other day something happened and I said 'stupid you are' and next thing you know mr is happily repeating the word stupid!!!!

2. His love for school! It's the biggest blessing in the world to drop off a happy kid and pick one up too.... He enjoys being around other kids and loves his teachers... Comes home and in his own way tells us what he did in school... For example we were counting the autos on the road and we put up one finger and said ' One auto'.. He does the same and immediately says 'teacher'!!! 

3. The way he plays quietly in the kitchen... Give him two or three big utensils a few spoons and a glass with little water and he is a happy kid..!! I wonder if he'll become a chef!! Ha ha ha ha ha! 

4. The way he understands and relates things... If he sees water spilt on the floor he'll get the swipe from the kitchen and if he sees paper or murmura on the floor he will get the sweeper... The fact that he can distinguish between the two is pretty awesome...

5. His affection... The way he sees me, feels all loveydovey and calls out with his arms reaching out to me "come Mumma"!!!! Who can resist that?!! And oh the hugs and kisses I get when he is inthe  mood.. It's my favorite part of him being old enough to understand love and affection ... It's heart melting!!! 

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