Monday, 4 August 2014

What will Siddy be like?!!!

First off.... thank you all who visited my little stall at the Momsoon Mela by the wonderful First Moms Club!

It was a great show... i got to meet so many new mums and women entrepreneurs who were so inspiring...

But all thru the show what got my attention the most were these little boys... aged from 5 to about 11.

Stray things roaming around the venue, clearly bored of their mothers never ending need to shop!

Some came and nearly destroyed my cupcakes.

Some changed my table setting to their liking...

Some saw something at an odd angle and their OCD kicked in so they stared fixing things on my table!

Some just made a face and walked away...

Some were shy and gentle, some were loud and rough.....

And all thru i kept thinking I wonder how siddy will be when he's older.

He's a sweet kid you know.... and when he was younger he was real calm and quiet....

As he is growing up he's finding his voice....

He loves shouting out the window.... he loves shouting at me .... and everyone at home!

He sometimes throws things around.... and throws tantrums too....

But essentially he's still a quiet kid... he still spends hours staring out the window or playing alone with his toys.... he even has this thing he does, where randomly he goes off to the other room and sits on this small step and just sits!

So its still unclear what kind of a boy he'll be when when he becomes about 5 or even 11.... but one thing I can say for sure... he'll be my little baby boy no matter what!!!


  1. Such a cute video! Heard both mommy and baby clearly :) You are right, he will remain your baby, always. My son is 22 years old and I feel the same way about him as I did when he was 2 :)

    1. Thank you Sulekha, it's reassuring to know I'm not the only one!!

  2. An absolute heart-warming post ... I am sure he will love it when grows up to see how much mommy loves him ..

    1. Thank you Sangeeta, I do hope he reads this blog at some point!!