Friday, 13 June 2014

The window!!

Im sure you must have noticed that each and every kid loves sitting near the window...

I remember when I was younger I would look up at peoples homes and more often than not there would be a kid sitting at the window... Sometimes with someone other times on their own...

And they love it!

They love watching the word go by... All the trucks and autos and buses and bikes and cars.... All the people, school kids aunties old people... All the animals... Cats and dogs and hens, pigeons and crows and other colorful birds.... 

It's all just so fascinating for him.... He looks adorable looking out... The water tank trucks are his favorite... And bikes of course... Every time one passes by he says bai bai!!! 

He's learnt so many words and sounds sitting at the window.... What a crow says what the koyal says.... How to say truck... How to spot little kids and say baby!!!! 

Food goes down much faster by the window.... In all his fascination he doesn't focus in how much food I give him he simply opens his mouth and eats it all up! 

Of course as of now he hasn't understood the concept of throwing things out the window... One or two things went down accidently like my mums beloved thermocol sword but he hasn't purposely chucked anything out... 
And I'm hoping he never does! 

But the absolute best is when he wants some time on his own... He goes off to our room, gets up on the sofa next to the window, rests his head back and watches the world go by!!

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