Monday, 16 June 2014

First day at school

It's probably the biggest milestone post starting on solids and walking and talking...!!! 

Going to school means your little one isn't a little one anymore... Suddenly you find yourself going thru all his old pictures and videos when he was so small he frightened you... Suddenly you miss those days you would wrap him in his little mulmul and change his cloth diaper fifteen time in an hour (or so it felt like!!!) because it meant you could just hold him in your arms all thru the day!

You can't believe where the time went by dammit... I know he's young for his class... But he's super active super curious, it just made sense to get him to interact with kids... All the boxes got tick marked when we were taking this call except for the one where we had to ask ourselves will mommy cry at school... Yes! I had no idea my eyes would swell up... I had no idea the teacher would take him from my arms as soon as we enter and he would be in another room playing with the other kids... I had no idea I would feel so emotional!!! 

He was ok... In fact he was more than ok.... He loved seeing all the new faces the new toys... And while he kept one eye on me thru out the one hour we were there today... He happily mingled with everyone else... He played with the toys.. Clapped his hands and sang during singing time... Played with the puppets...ate his cheese slice peacefully... Explored every wall in the school.... Patted a few kids on their shoulders very approvingly!!! 

It was fun to watch him have fun! 

I really hope tomorrow is like today.. I hope he enjoys school and all the new things he will learn here.. And I really really hope I am not one of those super clingy mothers who stand outside school the whole time they are in!!!!! 

Too late.. That's so me!!! 

Ps; yes I cut my hair.... New beginnings!! 

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