Sunday, 22 June 2014

Sunday mornings....

I remember Sundays as the most fun days... I would sleep till late, sometimes till twelve - twelve thirty... Have a big brunch, lounge in front of the tv and watch random nonsense.... Then sleep some more eat some more and then call it a day and sleep some more!!!  

Sundays are still really fun days.... Aadi always has an off and it's a blessing... Because I can happily plonk the bumling onto him!!! 

The only difference is that now I wake up as early sometimes as 7:30! And almost never get a nap again! 

Some Sundays we try and take siddy to the club for a swim and some we just go chill with my brother and sister in law.... 

But this special Sunday it was just Aadi siddy and me... And boy did we have fun!!! 

From all of us dancing to some amazing music to eating a super yum breakfast of cheese omelettes and bacon,  to the perfect timing of his mid morning nap while Aadi and I watched the movie 'Her' and sipped on chilled beer!

To drawing together and taking truck rides with papa ... It was just sooooo much fun!! 

We even had a post breakfast, breakfast dessert!! Pancakes with mangoes and ice cream!! 

But of course crazy sugar rush happened and he refused to sleep all afternoon while me with my super heavy tummy was trying hard to put him to sleep before I could doze off next to Aadi who had already knocked out... But no such luck he stayed wide awake so I stayed wide awake!  

So maybe Sundays aren't the same lazy sleepy lounge days ... But in their own way they are really fun.... Because more than anything siddy is very happy to have Aadi home all day... I think he realises it's a special thing... Which is super cute... 

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