Saturday, 14 June 2014

Best Dad Ever!

"Will the edge of the chocolate hurt him when he bites into it?"

Yes you read that right... The edge of the 'chocolate' !!!!! 

Only a father can think that the edge of a chocolate could hurt the little one!!

Fathers are a whole different breed of parents.... They will over think over imagine every situation... To the point where you don't know whether to laugh or beat them up.....!!!! 

They will jump across the room every time the bumling tries to get off the sofa... Or will follow him to every room because god knows what he is doing there and what could happen.... 

The craziest is when they ask you questions like ..' What is that paper on the floor? He will eat it, can't you be careful' or 'can he really carry such a big bottle? Don't you want to do something about it?!!!' 

And you are thinking ... All day long the bumling was fine, didn't eat any paper or drop anything on his feet... But oh my God... Just when daddy is around he will trip on everything and eat every damn thing he will find on the floor!!! 

But the part I find most awesome... Is that they ask so many silly questions because they love their bumling right... They worry for them... It's their way of showing their love.... And because they are out the whole day and because guys are just not wired to be all mushy... Their love comes out in the strangest ways!! 

It may annoy us... But the kids love it... I know because every time bumling runs to another room and his daddy follows him... He thinks it's a game... So he runs to the other room and then the other with his poor daddy running right behind! 

So for all his craziness and sweet worries about his baby boy.... 

Happy Father's Day Aadi... The best father ever!! 

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