Friday, 29 November 2013

You me and us!!

There is no doubt that post a bumling the 'us' goes flying out the window!!!

It's hardly possible to be all romantic amidst a howling baby, with the smell of Johnson and Johnson surrounding your room!!! 

But it's so so important.

A baby can and will completely take over your every waking sleeping moment... 

Every thought will be about the baby. All your daily chores will be around his daily routine. Making time for you and your husband will be something you will have to really work on. 

Look, marriage with or without a kid needs constant work... Constant romance and planning. It's not really all magic!!! 

But post a baby you have to work at it a little bit more... 

It's easier if you have some help at home, parents in laws.... Brothers sisters.... Make full use of them:

1. Go out for a date: 
Dress up, go to a good restaurant, have a drink, some starters, a main course, some dessert!!! Steer the conversation away from all things baby related. 

Or Catch a movie....Take those three hours off! Watch a silly film something to take your mind off the baby. Eat lots of popcorn!! Feel like a couple! 

Or do something you'll used to do when it was just the two of you. Go for a long drive at night or meet up with friends... Cook together or spend an afternoon watching your favorite tv series non stop. 

Yes you can... Just make the effort. 

2. Have sex:
This is by far the most important thing to do I think. So send the baby to your in laws house or your mums place. Hide all toys and baby stuff... Wear something super sexy and seriously get it on!!! The sooner you get back to some good sex.. The happier you two will be!! Yes your body may not feel the same and you may feel like a lump, but trust me.. Forget it and just go for it!! 

3. Have a midnight snack!
If the baby is keeping you up, use that time to have a fun midnight snack... Chips and cheese spread and some coke is Aadi's and my absolute favorite home binge meal!!! And it's not just about the food... Talk.. Have conversations about everything under the sun! 

Being a couple is all about chatting nonstop for me at least... And Aadi too!! We love talking to each other for hours about everything.... 

Just remember to stay fully connected... Tell him how you feel share your thoughts your fears ... Talk about the baby... Involve your hubby... Also some days don't talk about the baby and make your hubby the center of your attention... 

I think a lot if relationships go down hill post a baby because the girl makes the guy the center of her world before the baby and totally sidelines him post...

Yes the baby needs you, yes he fully depends on you... But so did your hubby!!

I always tell Aadi ... As much as I love love love Sid... He will always be my first true love... He will always be that one percent more... 

There will be as much gap between you as a couple as you let there be... So don't let there be!!!! 

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