Saturday, 23 November 2013


There was a time when I could sleep anywhere anytime!

I could sleep in a bus, I could sleep in a train, a plane, I could sleep in a car, i could sleep in a party with music, I could sleep with the tv on, I could sleep for twelve hours straight, I could wake up late and sleep again in the afternoon and sleep early at night… I could literally sleep thru a conversation with somebody!!

My capacity to sleep was incredible!!

My eyes just used to dose off at any odd hour... 

In fact I remember this one school trip we were in a forest resort in ranthambore and I was sharing my room with three other girls. Apparently at night a waiter has entered our room and crouched near our bed and upon being seen by one of the girls has taken a towel on his head and run out of the room... And I slept thru it all....!!!

That was how deep I slept!!

Today, the slightest cough bumling makes, every time he turns in his bed, a soft knock of his hand on the bars of his bed... And I'm up... At two, tree, four in the morning….

Heck sometimes even his baby snore wakes me up!!!

It's like I sleep semi awake... If that makes sense!! Ha ha! 

No seriously, I'm actually half awake thru the night... Or anytime bumble bee is sleeping next to me... 

Real sleep, that deep luxurious kind where  you wake feeling like a fresh daisy... Where every single muscle in your body is relaxed.. Hmmm..... Haven't had that since he was born!! 

What's worst is that the poor thing actually does sleep thru the night pretty much,  but even then I'm still awake and peeping into his bed!!! is his blanket on his nose, is is nose squashed because he's sleeping on his tummy, is his leg folded wrong….

That's what it is I guess, having a baby... Sleep is something that seems Iike a dream...  Some days when I'm completely zonked, Aadi tells me to take a nap and he looks after bumling.... Oh God, the blessing he gets from me those days are immeasurable!!! 

Just getting an hours nap minus a little thing trying to climb up on you… its an amazing feeling!

And in all this sleep deprivation, one of my biggest awwwww moments is watching him sleep!

Ironical? I know! But he sleeps so so beautifully, so gently he breathes and his eyelids are so pretty!!! And his tiny little lips pouting… oh and if he smiles in his sleep or frowns even…. my heart just melts!!

These are the few moments we slept together peacefully!!!!

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