Saturday, 16 November 2013

Sleeping with one eye open!

At almost nine months, Sid is all over the place! 

You leave him bang in the middle of the bed and in mili seconds he has reached the edge of it... Something about everything on the floor is suddenly super fascinating!! 

It's so scary when he reaches the edge of the bed and then hangs his head down to look at the hinges on the bed drawer... If I wasn't the super ninja mommy I am, he would be bouncing off the floor!!!!!!!! (Hawwwww parent!!) 

If I'm super ninja mommy in getting to him, he is super ninja baby in eating everything!!!

And he's no more interested in his teething toys... TV remote yes, mobile phones yes yes, random lint on bed spread ... Must taste!! 

Anything and everything must pass the tongue test.... I've heard it gets worse once they start walking around the house....but this fellow is already on a roll!! 

Gone are those days when he was rolled up in fabric and would lay absolutely straight, peacefully staring at the ceiling!!!! 

No no... Now mommy has to sleep with one eye open! Literally, my afternoon naps or those extra ten minutes in the morning when he's in bed with us, I have to keep one eye open... Because this little dude can suddenly decide to climb over me and fly off the bed like superman!!

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