Sunday, 3 November 2013

Diwali with the bumling!!

Diwali and Christmas are two of my favorite festivals.... One for all the emotional and sentimental attachments and the other for the magical feeling it brings about! 

This year Diwali was super special because I got to share it with my little bumling. 

I made him experience everything that Diwali is about... Some lights, a few mithais, a party, a puja and the traditional early morning bath!! 

We didn't do firecrackers because it was just too smoky and he's too little. 

So Aadi's parents threw the bash of the year on our terrace! We lit up the entire house with fairy lights, my favorite paper lanterns and so many diyas.... We placed a few urlis with flowers and floating candles... I did rangoli around them....I even made these adorable paper diyas with sid's pictures on them!!! 

We bought him adorable kurtas and pyjamas for the party! He looked so so so adorable in them! 

The party was amazing... So many people came to meet him... And our little party animal stayed up till two in the morning!!!! He caught a few cat naps.. But was up and about most of the night!!! 

The next evening we took him to see the city lit up... Unfortunately there were hardly any lights anywhere... And he knocked out anyways!!!! 

Diwali morning... My mum made me do the traditional oiling of the family with a perfumed paste... So hubby and baby were placed on a flat stool which I decorated... And I oiled them and sent them off for their baths!!! 

Sid looked so cute all thru!!!! I bet he was super confused as to why his maalish was happening like this today!!! 

Then I found those little cucumbers that we smash so I got those for the family. So what it is is that the Diwali day is also the day where the demons are destroyed.. As kids we were given these little cucumbers on which we drew angry faces on and then squashed!!! It was a fun tradition and finding them in Jaipur made me instantly nostalgic!!! 

I dressed little bumbling up for the puja... Oh god how many times will I say how cute he looked... But he really did!!!! 

Ha ha!!! 

He loves diyas... Super fascinated by fire!!! And he loves mithais!! We took him to the gurdwara later to light a candle. 

I really love mishmashing all cultures for him... Love the idea of making him a global baby!!! 

The only part of Diwali, apart from the firecracker, that we didn't let him experience was taash!!!! Ha ha!! Aadi played for a few nights till the wee hours of the morning.... But bumling and I just crashed!!! 

So while this year Diwali was even more amazing because of this pet of mine... It was also super exhausting!!! 

I'm going to need this whole next week to recover!!! 

That's us at the puja, praying for a wonderful new year for all of us!!!

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