Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Being's important.

Being fit for and post pregnancy is super important. 

I have never been one to excersise or do any physical activity... Climbing down three flights, walking to the car, pressing buttons on my tv remote are all I could get my self to do!!!!! 

After meeting Aadi who was and is still very pro working out be it in a gym or some yoga or just going for a long walk, I started doing stuff... But never in a very disciplined way.

Today I regret it.

With my terrible consistent back aches, zero stamina levels, wrist ache, knee ache, head ache, exhaustion, I climb up our stairs and I'm huffing and puffing... It's embarrassing!!! 

I now wish I had taken better care of myself before I got pregnant even. And though the weight is one of the major issues, it's more about the stamina. 

So a really important tip I would give most mommies to be or girls planning on having babies is: 

1. Be extremely healthy first. Work out regularly eat well, do all it takes.

And 2. Try and have them young. I know today the age bar to get married only is getting so pushed back that most people end up having kids in their early thirties... While it may seem like a smart decision because you are able to give your work those many more years, but seriously your body is not exactly stopping from growing older. And recovery and loosing weight just gets more tough. It's not impossible.... Nothing is, but it's just tough. So if you have a choice I would strongly recommend going for it earlier. 

But seriously take this advice, today I know I am really facing a tough time especially with my back. Every time I put him in his cot or pick him up or change his clothes it takes a moment for my back to straighten.

Also the munchkin is getting bigger and heavier!! So carrying him around isn't that easy you know... 

Get back to your workout in three months... Well atleast start walking in 45 days, but it fully depends on your delivery. Don't push yourself but don't stall for too long either!! 

Also eat well post pregnancy, I'm not saying eat all those ghee laden laddoos everyone will try to give you, but don't completely cut out butter and ghee and oil fearing you're weight will go up, you need a certain amount of it in your diet... Have your calcium tablets, as big and uneasy as they seem!!! 

Well I better fix my back soon... Because this little bumling is fully ready to start running around... And that's when I'll need my stamina at its best!!! 

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