Thursday, 21 November 2013

At nine months..

Little bumling completes nine months today...

And as I look at him all I can think is how big he's grown. 

It's something I'll always and forever be amazed by. He was so tiny when he came into my world, that people who came to visit him called him a chuha!!! And that little thing is going to grow up as tall as his daddy!! 

So today I did a really fun thing... I measured the two of them!! 

Daddy and baby!
Height - 6' 0" and 32"
Arm - 25" and 9"
Palm - 8" and 3"
Little finger - 2.25" and 1.2"
Leg - 37" and 12"
Foot - 10" and 4"
Face - 9" and 6"
Ear 3" and 2" 
Nose 2" and .75"

Can you imagine these numbers?!! And in about 15 years I can't even imagine how big Sid is going to be. These numbers will be more or less similar!! 

And I'm going to miss this super tiny thing that crawls all over me!!! 
I'll miss his tiny socks, and tiny caps, I'll miss his tiny hands clapping mine... And the fact that he still fits in my lap... He struggles and goes all mad... But he fits!!! 

I'll cry the day his feet fit in his daddy's shoes!!!! 

Happy nine months my darling!!!

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