Saturday, 9 November 2013

Fun things to do when you know you're preggie!!

Pinterest has ruined me!!

I cannot do anything without first getting fantastic references or well atleast going thru Pinterest for about five hours!!!! 

When I got preggie I went and searched for some fun pics and things to do for, during the pregnancy and after the little toy was born!!

Here are some of my favorite things:

1. Take photos of your belly by the month.
I tried doing this... But couldn't complete it :( I took for a month or three properly but forgot for a month or two and next thing I knew the baby was out!!! Ha ha ha!! So plan these well... Maybe wear the same dress or use the same's always great to see the belly increasing!! 

2. Make sure you get a baby book
This I did! I bought a adorable book to document his first year. And this I would recommend to everybody... His first bath, the first time he turned over, monthly birthdays!! And it's got this fun images where you can place pictures alongside each milestone... It's from the company fisher price. 

3. Make arrangements for foot and hand print. 
Lucky for me the baby book had a page for prints and I had two amazing nurses at the hospital who helped me get them! But you also get these clay sets and moulds at mom and me and mother care, which you can then frame. It's a great keepsake I think... And if you manage to get prints maybe on each birthday at least till he is ten... That would be fun no?!!! 

4. Make a cute announcement pic. 
So these days like a wedding announcement or save the date, announcing that you are preggie is super cool!!! Taking fun pics of the couple, the girl with her cute belly... You can hire a professional photographer if you like... These days a lot of people are opting or one.. Or like a school friend of mine announced on our group whatsapp with a really cute image :)

5. Baby announcement pics.
This is for when you want to let the world know that bumble bee is in the house!!! Of course you can get a professional photographer for some really great pics... Or if you are creative (read: too much time on my hands!!) do it yourself!! Scour the net for great images ( references for your photographer or you) borrow a great camera from a friend... I was lucky I got gifted one just before bumbling was born. And then shoot away!!! A little photoshop and ta-da!!

From the hospital we sent out this:

And when he was a month old... I wrapped him up and tied a little ribbon like he was a gift!!! Which he was and is in fact!!

6. Make sure someone takes a great pic of you and the baby on day one.
This is super duper important. You want your first picture with the new love of your life to be some thing frame worthy... Not oh my god I looked so bad!!! So (obviously depending on the kind of delivery) try to clean your face up a little, a bit of lipstick and blush never really hurt anyone... Tie your hair back or fluff it a little atleast... And smile... That big happy butterflies in your stomach smile!!! It will come naturally when you see that adorable little ET in your arms for the first time!!!! And tell your hubby or mum or someone you really trust to take the pic!! 

Luckily I managed to fix my hair a little!!! But oh my god... Just look how tiny he was... I can't believe he was such a small little thing!!!! Oh I just love him!!!

Well, start with these and if I remember more I'll come add them to this post!! 

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