Wednesday, 30 October 2013

The right time.....

Of course there are days when I wish I wasn't a mom .. More like I wish I had no responsibility and boy what a responsibility a kid is!!! 

When I don't  have to wake at the slightest sounds or worry about how many packets of diapers are there in the drawer or packing away old clothes that don't fit and removing new ones I have saved as per size!!! 

Of course I wish I could just head out and party with my friends.. Come home drunk!! Or go for movies and not be counting on the hours I've been out because I need to be home for his next meal.... 

I meet so many mums and talk about babies and parenting... And most of the times I know they are thinking "Please no one can be that positive and that happy about having a kid" because I will always be the one with positive inputs... I always say "yes it's exhausting and tiring and sometimes really overwhelmingly... But it's a great fun and funny experience" (yes I said funny... Have you looked at a baby's face while he poops?!!!) 

I usually avoid the negatives because I feel that it's what most women and guys are thinking about... 

So I try to be a devils advocate.... But here it is: 

There are days I wish I could wake up free. 

There I said it! It is binding having a bumling some days... It takes away from a 'normal' life.... The romance in your relationship will get hit pretty damn bad unless you actively work on it.... Remember you will also die of guilt when you get this thought... The way I did a few sentences earlier!!!! And it's this absolutely retarded emotion of guilt that will make you think you're a horrible mother or will take you to the other extreme where you will "sacrifice" your life for your kid and grow to regret him and everything later....

So stop right there...  Know that being aware and admitting to the feeling is really step one. 

And my step two usually is to think of why I had Sid. And I remember that this was all planned. 

Everything in my life I have done, I have done because I have strongly believed it was the right time. 

Most people who know me well will tell you that I am pretty sorted like that... When it was time to get into a serious relationship I did... When it was time to get married I did... And when it was time to have a bumling ... I did. 

So because of this maybe I am able to stay more positive about the experience of motherhood... Because I'm at the right age (according to myself)....  Mentally and physically I was ready to have a baby. 

I think it's when you have them too early, too late that's when the trouble comes. Or if either of the two are not ready... Then it will seem like an uphill task.. Your life will seem like is taken a turn for the worse....

But for me now, sleepless nights or controlled Saturday night partying... Both may suck royally every once in a while... And for the days I just want to scream out loud in frustration... I take a deep breath, put my chin up,smile and tell my self "I can deal with it! All of it... Because this was what I wanted." 

Stress point: Want your baby before you have him or her. Talk about things openly with your partner... Give each other a hundred percent consent before going ahead. Having a baby will change your life... But positively or negatively it's up to you! 

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