Monday, 28 October 2013

Falling in love... With hands!!!

I fell in love with Aadi because he had really good looking hands... Sexy hands even!!!! 

Some people may laugh but I'm sure a few will get it! 

He has lovely hands... Long fingers and a big palm... And when he holds my hand it feels amazing... I feel secure and loved!

Now I have fallen in love with a whole new pair of hands.... Soft pudgy and oh so so cute!!! 

Long fingers like his daddy but still so small... And the way he keeps moving them like he is exploring the world with them...

But this time I hold the little hands and make him feel secured and loved! 

Of course nothing in the world is better than watching my two boys.. The little one clapping his tiny little hands on the big one's palm!!! 

I started writing this post when I saw Aadi feeding bumling and bumling was resting his hand on Aadi's!! 

And by the time I was done writing... He was sitting staring at his hands!!!

Ha ha !! 

Of course eventually it has to go into the mouth!!!! 

But I really really wonder what his thoughts are as he stares down at his little fingers and adorable hands!!!! 

All I can think is ... I just want to kiss them!!! 


  1. chooo chweeet!!!! our bumling needs a big fat hug and kiss from this maasi!!!
    and yes i agree with the hand thing!! works for me too.. :))

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