Thursday, 17 October 2013

Music with an eight month old!

Having a baby changes so many things... 

The funniest change I have found in my life is the change in the tunes I hum!! 

As a kid the first band I fell in love with was Take That!!! I knew every song word for word..... Then I want thru all the now embarrassing boy bands!!!! 

Moved on to the much sexier and amazing Dave Mathews band and matchbox twenty.... And that entire genre...

Till I found Fun and One Republic and Mumford and Sons!!! 

But lately it's been wheels on the bus go round and round.... Old mac Donald's and my own silly made up songs that I find myself humming...

That too without Sid being around... So I'm brushing my teeth and singing it in my head, or walking around the house and humming it out loud!!!!! 

I literally have to stop myself and start humming a real song!!! In fact so often when I need a distraction for Sid while feeding him, I make him listen to Fun or Lenka, who is his favorite, on my phone...:) ha ha!!! 

Hopefully he'll grow up with good taste in music!!!! Just so long as I don't grow old singing nursery rhymes!!!! 

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