Thursday, 24 October 2013

Disciplining at eight months?

So last night we took Sid out for dinner with some friends, to a really fancy place. We make him sit on the table and hand him a little chewy to keep him occupied while we talk and suddenly bam.... He throws his toy down and looks around at us.

We laugh it off, give him the toy back, and yet again he throws it and gives us a cheeky smile... We try again and I say "throwing is a no no" but no no he throws it again.... 


Reminded me of this one time we had all gone to another restaurant when Sid was too tiny for anything, and there was this kid, maybe four or five, who started throwing a tantrum. So much so he damn near threw and broke a plate from the table, he banged the forks and spoons on the plates and shouted out loud, till his dad had to literally pick him up and take him out. 

So when Sid started doing that I immediately took the toy away, and he was sent for a walk with his dad. 

I think no kid is too small to learn to behave himself. He may not have completely comprehended the situation, but just the fact that his toy was taken away, I hope helps him develop this thought, eventually, that he can't throw them around. 

A lot of people I speak to say don't keep saying no to your kid, he'll grow up with a negative feeling to everything blah blah... And I never argue, I just smile and nod! 

Yes, you can't say no to your kid for everything, but if you want to discipline them, they need a word that signifies that what they are doing is wrong. No is simple and easy and clear. 

Man raising a good well behaved kid needs a lot of work and a lot of patience! And as they grow up, and start understanding things and (god help) start back answering.... Wow!! 

Hope I can do this right!!

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  1. wait till hes in the troublesome twos.... Lil tiny monsters they are... however cute they maybe!! Mines a classic example!!