Friday, 18 October 2013

Party days are over? Naaaah!!!!

It's been a while because a lot has been happening... And I just haven't had the time/ patience to write a post!!! 

Work has started and maids have changed... Plus we are in Bombay on our way to Pune so you know... It's just been chaotic!!

As always something sparks off my posts right... So the other day I met a friend who is much older with a teenage son, and she says to me "So your party days are over huh? 

And I looked at her, a hundred mean cocky shocked replies going thru my head, but I politely said "Well ya, but we are going for this music festival in Pune on the weekend.. So it's not so bad actually" 

She looked shocked and probably had a hundred things going thru her head, but also politely said " oh good good!" 

I mean seriously, I know it's not going to be the easiest weekend of my life but I'm going to give it my best shot. 

I have booked a hotel right next to my masi's place where my sweetheart mum is staying with my baby boy, and she has booked a ticket to the fest so she can come the days we take him, I have brought along his pram and the baby jacket to put him into, my brother is coming, his girlfriend's gonna be there, my best friend (also a fantastic baby sitter people) so I think I've got it covered!! 

Aadi recently found out that the festival organizers even provide ear muffs for little bumlings!! 

Maybe I may not be able to be the free bird I used to be... But isn't that just a state of mind? 

I have always felt, when people told me that a baby will bind you, your life as you know it will be over, I never took them seriously. 

I believe that especially with a baby, you should continue to lead your life the way you did, and make him a part of it (well maybe not if getting super high was your scene!!!) but ya... Go out for dinners with your friends, movies, long drives anything and everything... And maybe you might not be able to have a reckless lifestyle, maybe you'll rethink that bunjee jumping or sky diving (doesn't mean you don't do it) but then those are small things compared to that kid.. That silly funny looking kid who looks upto you for everything. 

Aadi and I love music, loved the nh7 weekender the last time we were there and we want to take Sid to experience something we love... I want music to be a very strong very influential part of his life... And the sooner it starts the better right?!!

So fingers crossed... Full if positivity and we are off!!! 

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  1. I think its a super cool idea! Good luck and don't worry kids are fine the minute their parents are out of sight :) :)
    P.S. What a cool baby carrier bag (is that what its actually called :-S)