Monday, 28 October 2013

Getting so big!!

Everyday he gets bigger... And everyday he becomes a little more of his own person! 

He doesn't just grow in size... He grows up. 

He will not lie down at all anymore... No no.. The bumling must always sit... Worse, when he wants to stand at all times... So no matter if you're at the dinner table or trying to watch something on tv or just plain exhausted.. You have to hold his hands while he balances to stand!!! 

He just doesn't fit in my lap anymore... I have to lay him down in bed with his head on my lap to feed him his milk... And now that we are on solids... He has his very own chair that he sits on to be fed... Such a big boy....! 

Another bag of clothes that are too small to fit has been made... Little rompers.. Small socks... Things he just started wearing maybe a month ago but has outgrown!!

But it's not just these physical changes that I get amazed by... It's the growing up.. The becoming his own little person that never ceases to amaze me! 

How when he's hungry now he will let me know... He will climb onto me and smack his lips or make this funny sound that I know now means food.. Somedays he even says mummum.... (Which I secretly think of as him calling out to me!!!!)

And when he's done eating he will turn his head and press his lips shut! 

When he's done potty he will make this sound that both Aadi and I know only too well!!!

When he sees me after a while he lets me know he has missed me... 

He's reacting and acting and showing a whole range of grown up emotions I didn't think I would see in an eight month old... Like when he's banging on a table and if you do the same... He will literally hold your hand and move it aside and then continue banging!!! 

I mean seriously... How soon do you want to grow up bumbles pie?!!!!! 

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