Saturday, 21 September 2013

Things for the new baby!

When I found out I was pregnant, well after the first three months of throwing up, all I wanted to do was to buy stuff for the baby!!! 

Now I'm not superstitious or anything, but maybe because of the last experience I decided to wait till seven months were up before going crazy shopping!!

But all thru I kept making my lists!!! Things I needed for the hospital, things I need at home. His clothes, his diapers, bibs, it's never ending!!

So for the house I knew exactly what all I wanted. 

Two major things I was sure of were his cot and his changing table/ wardrobe. 

I was a hundred percent sure I wanted a cot. Everyone tried talking me out of it... "What's the point? He will toh sleep with you only till he is two. It's a waste of money, by the time he is ready to sleep on his own he will want a proper bed and his own room!!! 

But I was sure. 

And today I'm glad. Even though he did sleep with me mostly through the first three months, I started putting him in his bed for his short naps from the second month end. And starting the third month, he did all his sleeping there. And he loves it. He understands that's his space. Here he happily goes around in circles all thru the night without disturbing anyone. 

In fact in between when he wasn't well, I put him in bed with me, and got punched and kicked so bad (!!!!!) I blessed his cot even more!!! 

The changing table as well... Everyone said what a western concept, we simply put rubber sheets or plastic sheets on our bed and changed the babies. I have always had a weak lower back and having read that post pregnancy the lower back gets even more jacked... It really didn't make any sense to me to put it thru any more stress. Also in the initial months he is peeing and pottuing every like ten minutes... Can you imagine bending over each time to change him......? 

So I made a chest of drawers, with a big counter to fit the baby on. It worked like a charm. I had everything I needed to change him around me, his cloth nappies in the first drawer, wipes on the counter, it was easy peasy! And my back was saved from unnecessary pain. 

In fact everyone who changed him on the counter, thanked me for it!! 

The only things I would change about it are, that I wish the counter was bigger, at five months he had outgrown the width, and I wish I had some kind of a frame on two sides that could hold him in, he was and still is a super wriggly baby. 

And having his own wardrobe is a great way to have all his things in one space. There are very few clothes and toys initially so a basic size of drawers was good. That too I customized to have small section in the first draw to fit mittens and socks and little bibs etc and then bigger ones in the one below, for the rompers and toys and blankets and towels etc. An organised space really helps at three in the morning!!!

Other than these major things you will need: 

1. Cloth nappies and plastic cover nappies for the first three months. I was very sure I didnt want to use pampers to begin with. But when my poor bumling started crying at night more because he had wet his diaper than for food, I started using a pamper only at nights. 

2. Wipes. I know Johnson and Johnson has had some issues lately, but I tried Himalaya wipes and didn't like them. 

3. Mulmuls to wrap him up in. Also some flannels and a thick blanket since he was a winter end baby. 

4. Initially you will just sponge bathe him. So you'll need only a towel, no need to buy the bath tub or any soaps and shampoos. That all can come under your two month shopping list. 

5. Since the weather was still cold when he was born, I bought vests to wear under his rompers, pyjama suits, lots of socks. Mittens were a waste on him because he was too small and they would just slip off him!!! I had lots of little caps to cover his head. Also full body suits that cover his feet and hands for the night is super important. 

6. I knew he was still too small but I liked the idea of having toys for him from the beginning. Luckily my best friend had loaded me up with some super adorable toys! I started showing him a rattle and moving it left to right from the second month on. He loved it!!!! 

7. Get a nail cutter, the scissors actually are better. This little things nails grow like insanely!! And they tend to scratch their faces a lot. If mittens fit your bumling consider yourself super lucky!! It's scary the first time you cut his nails, those tiny little fingers oh god!!! But just hold his hand firmly and take a deep breath and go for it!!! 

8. Bibs.... Babies are messy eaters!! 

9. Get some plastic sheets for the bed. Even if he has his plastic diaper on, babies pee has a tendency to get out!!! Also here I would like to let all new mommies to understand that pee and pottu are going to be something you will be handling a lot, so the sooner you get used to a stream of pee pouring onto your clothes or realising mid meal that his pottu has reached your lap (yes it happens... Stop saying eeeewwww!!!)  the better it will be for you!!! 

10. A night lamp and something which plays some soothing music is of great help. I remember when I was preggie Aadi would play me this really nice music at night to make me and the baby sleep. So when he was born we would play it for him and it would work!! I wonder if he remembered the music!!! 

So that's about it for the first month or two at least. Then depending on when you want to introduce the bottle and start shampooing his little head you can buy everything else. But this little list should be good enough to get you started! 

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