Tuesday, 17 September 2013


The blessing and pains of motherhood can only be understood by mothers. 

How much your back hurts in the ninth month, how exhausting morning sicknesses can be, how you crave for fun foods! 

How your heart breaks when you don't have enough milk in your breasts for your baby, how to swaddle the little one right so he sleeps for those precious two hours! 

When to start top feed, which one, how much? Started weaning? Which fruits to give ... What daal to begin with? What veggies cause gas?

For every step of the way, from the day I got preggie till today, I have always connected with some mom or another for advice, to just pour out all my anxieties on or to simply talk about the joys of having a bumling!! 

I have mommy friends I can call up anytime... Each with a baby at a different stage. Some are old school friends, some are new friends, some are best friends!!! Most are girls I have grown up with and the fact that we all have babies is a strange feeling!!!

Then I have baby centre.... Which is such a great platform especially during pregnancy.... Type any question and you get a billion replies... From silly things like how small is the baby in your tummy to what to do if you have an std during pregnancy... Someone is asking the questions that are in your head!

Post pregnancy I have joined the first moms club... Which has been a great place to understand and to learn new things about the baby. How to fix a common cold to what to look for in play schools... To how to deal with postpartum depression.... To how to deal with intrusive family members!! 

And I've recently met a group in Jaipur of new moms, we were all in Lamaze class together... And it was so much fun.. Because all of us being locals, we can meet often with and without the babies. All are kids are around the same age, so all problems of breast feeding weaning off new teeth, babies rolling over, everything will come together so we can discuss everything and help each other out. Play dates will be easier too!!

I've realised no one can give you advice like a mommy can. Our mommies and mom in laws are a great help, but with so many things changing and the fact that its been 30 odd years for them since they had babies, there is only so much they can help with (though both my mum and Ma in law were fantastic help in the first few months of bumling) 

A new mom however, someone who has just gone thru the experience herself, can help you deal with things much better. 

Just knowing you're not the only one who's hair is falling so much you think you'll need a wig (!!) makes you sleep better!! 

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