Sunday, 15 September 2013

Circus at feeding time!!

At six months plus, feeding time gets really tough,mommys and mommys-to-be beware!!!

You are going to be trying out new things everyday, steamed apples, potato and pea mash, pumpkin cooked with some tadka!

Some things he will love and eat up with no fuss, but some.... Oh my god!! The drama that will unfold the days he is not liking something it is unbelievable!! 

He will stuff his mouth with food and then spit it out, he will squirm in his chair, he will twist his neck in directions you didn't think were possible...!! 

And mind you it's not a one man job... You need a circus to feed a six month old... So one person will sing and dance and tell him stories... One will make him watch videos on your will feed... One will hold his arms down!!! 

There will be food starting from his forehead to his toes!!! And when he sneezes in between his meal,there will be food starting from your forehead to your toes as well!!! 

Exasperated is an emotion you will feel very familiar with!!!! 

And just when you are close to loosing it... To giving up on the whole feeding process....  That smile will come... That naughty little side smile on his face that will make you shrug, shake your head and start all over again... With a smile on your face!!! 

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