Tuesday, 10 September 2013

So much like Aadi!

The day I saw my bumling in a 3D sonography... I saw that nose and I knew it was my nose! My pudgy pakoda nose!!!

But I had no idea how much like Aadi he would be! It's strange... Out of ten people nine will say that he is the splitting image of his dad, a carbon copy! 

And he is... The features at first glance are just identical... The same small lips, the eyes, the hair...!! 

It's so adorable! 

In fact Ma found a picture of Aadi as a baby, and he looked so much like Sid that when I sent it to mum and Akshai they were confused for a second!

in this picture especially he is little Sid.... don't you think?!!!

This one too... except maybe the forehead....

Here too he looks just like Sid.... its amazing the similarity!!!

However disappointed I may be (not!!!) that he doesn't look like me.... well I know he's going to grow up to be a really handsome boy!!! ha ha!!

What is really funny though, is once Aadi and I were watching this really dumb movie about super hero kids in some super hero school.... and the main villain has this gun which when she shoots at people they turn into babies!! super dumb I know!!

except that I always told Aadi how I would love that gun, so when I felt insane love for him I could just shoot him, make him into a little baby and hold him in my arms!!!!

Looks like I got it!!!

More than the looks, i'm sure he'll be just like his daddy as a person.... warm, gentle, sweet, sexy, funny, cocky and still nice... oh so nice!!!

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