Tuesday, 3 September 2013

At six months...

Ten things I love about bumling!

Waking up to him in bed... Just seeing him rolling in bed next to you is such a surreal but amazing feeling!!!

Watching him play alone with his bed mobile...so sweet and quiet! 

The way he knocks out mid meal... His eyes just start drooping!! I have to keep knocking on his milk bottle to get him to finish!!

The way he jumps out of his skin when someone sneezes or coughs loudly!! His whole tiny body shakes and his eyes become super round!!! 

When he shakes his rattle and gets excited about it!

When I check if he's hungry and i put my finger in his mouth, if he is hungry the way he starts biting my finger like a little piranha!!!!

The adorable "where did you leave me and go" pout he gives me when I come from somewhere after a while! It's a half smile half pout!!! 

The way he eats his toes!!  

The way his eyes light up when we play lenka for him... He loves her!!!

How he alreadynot only knows his toy box... But hits it and pushes it till the lid comes off and then up turns it so all his toys come out... At six months mind you... 

Half a year I have had this little tiny being with me... And in that much he has seriously changed my life!! 

He has made me push so many of my boundaries and limits... He has made me feel a love that is so intense, so deep and so so magical I never knew I could feel it... And this after having some pretty intense and deep love for Aadi... But the depths with bumling... That's just another level all together......

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