Wednesday, 21 June 2017

The Picture Frame that went Whoosh!

For years now Aadi and I have believed, and experienced in a way, a spirit of some kind in our room in Jaipur.

Process that and lets move on...

Yes, something spooky something ghost like and yes we still sleep in that room. 

Over the years, they have done a few pujas in the room and even placed a picture of a God that helps keep the space, well, safe. 

So in our very cool Santorini inspired bedroom, there is a small picture frame of a God!! 

What kind of experiences you ask? 

Well, every time we come back here from bombay, the room has this very dense feel. Its not the typical, this room has been closed up for  a while kind of dense empty feeling. Because its never really closed up, and Granny always ensures she opens up the curtains and clears out and cleans up our space before we come. 

But some weird dense feeling exists. And once we move in, that feeling shifts to our bathroom. 

I remember initially, overtime I would enter the room and I would say out loud 

"We are here for a few days, can you please go away" and I would put on all the lights of the room. 

Days when I visit alone with Siddy, the nights he sleeps down are the worst for me. I keep the walk in closet light on, as it spills over into the bedroom a little and keep the tv on till very late, some nights the tv would end up staying on all night. 

This one night I remember, when Siddy was sleeping with me, I woke up bang in the middle of the night and felt something two inches from my face. The walk in light was on, but I jumped out of bed and put on one more light in the room, prayed and fell asleep. 

Going to the loo is tough at nights... I hate it. I literally run out of the bathroom and get into bed. 

I remember when I would wake up in the middle of the nights to feed Siddy, I couldn't put on any big lights, so I had my small night lamp on... It was already so spooky and suddenly in the middle of his feed, he would look up at the ceiling smile and wave. 


A new mom on very little sleep with full knowledge of there already being something weird in her room, now has her little baby smile and wave. 

Now over the years, I have kind of made peace with this feeling of something being there. We even joke about it and tell people about it but there is never any real fear towards it. Its there and we are there and its all ok. 


Two days ago Siddy and I are chilling in the room in the middle of the afternoon and he says

" What a silly picture na mumma ?" Pointing to the God's picture.

" Why Siddy?"

"How it moves on its on na?"

You know as I do, this boy of mine has a very active imagination. So I simply say 

" Siddy that picture isn't silly and it can't move on its own"

" But it does I saw"

"Saw what?"

"The other night, it just went whoosh to the side"

And I'll leave you with that and sixth sense. 

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