Thursday, 1 June 2017

Loose that tummy!!!

Ok so yes.. maybe I do need to loose some weight.. especially around that belly!

So for that I have recently joined a gym... much much against my choice.. but then I realised I don't have any choice left.. my little  one is no more little, he's 4.. which means for 4 years I have taken it too lightly...

After joining of course there have been lots of talks at home between hubby and me about workouts and food and things to do to loose that tummy... not realising big ears is listening in...

The not so funny, funny incident happened a few days ago when I went to drop him off to school.. I was dressed for the gym as the plan was to drop him and go directly there.

Now the new routine is we take him a little early and while the kids play us moms and dads chat till the bell rings.

So this is what we were doing that day... chatting about our over smart kids.. when the bell rang. Our kids came to us for a hug and a kiss.. and when I said by to siddy he goes

"Bye mumma... now go to the gym and loose that tunmy"



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