Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Playground Problems!

So today was that day I always knew would come.

The day the big kids would gather around me to tell me that little Siddy was too small to play with them. 

Luckily no one used the word Kaccha Nimbu! Ok my nasty mum did... but the kids didn't... 

That word has some pretty scarring memories for me.... I was the queen of being a kaccha nimbu... last one to be picked, first one to be made out. Of course to be honest, I'm awful at most outdoorsy things, you throw a ball at me and I will not catch it. I just won't. I don't care if I have lost the last point of your silly game and made you loose a "really close" match.. I don't catch. Period. And I don't run, don't bat, don't cycle. But thats doesn't mean I feel less bad about not being involved. 

Anyhoo......... Back to today. 

I drove back from the gym and as soon as I parked, around 6 kids came up to me "Aunty Aunty" 

cringe cringe. 


"Aunty siddy is too small and he runs too slow so he can't play with us."

Just then I see this super tiny super adorable little face, heartbroken, coming towards me. 

" Aunty when its his den he is too slow to catch us and when its our den he's too easy to catch" 

"And he's telling us we have no choice but to play with him" (Got to give it to my kid for that!!!)

So I say " How about you'll let it be his den for a minute, if he hasn't caught anyone you'll make it someone else's den. And if its someone else's den, don't catch him... just let him run around with you'll"

Long faces... except one! The one that matters most to me. 

So I come up feeling rather proud of myself.. only to be followed by my little one looking really upset.

"I'm so angry mumma" 

And my heart just crushes. 

"They can't not play with me na mumma. It's not fair"

I give him a super big hug and explain to him that this always happens, the younger kids always get kind of pushed around by the older ones, and when those younger ones grow up they think its ok to do that to other younger kids. 

He's still upset so I tell him we'll do something fun today and to not feel bad. 

So he goes off for his shower and I... I start getting upset. My little boy... my baby... his heart is broken, crushed.... how could they say no? 

They could easily have done this: when its his den after a minute someone purposely get out and when its someone else's den they could pretend to catch him but not for a few turns...I mean they could have done so many things to involve him.

But boys.. they really are kinda insensitive... and I don't mean it in a bad way. Its just the same principle of how your husband will not think twice to say " ya your arms do look a little big" when you ask him if you have got fat. He doesn't mean to be mean, he's just giving an honest opinion. 

Yes Siddy is tiny and he doesn't run as fast as the bigger kids. Its a fact. 

But what you gonna do?

What I did do was get some ice cream... gave him a bunch of fun sprinkles to toss over it and played his favourite music and watched him dance!!!

Now I have to admit, when I asked him if I should call this other boy from the building, a two year old, he suddenly went " No mumma, he's too small. He can't play my games" 

Ah a learning moment!!

"See baby... how you feel a boy younger than you may not be able to play your games, boys older than you think that about you. So maybe you give the younger boys a chance and hopefully the older boys will give you on too"

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