Thursday, 1 June 2017

His First Joke

About a year ago, we were all sitting at the table.... eating dinner and chatting when he put his hand up and said

" wait I want to tell you all something" (yes he's three)

So we quiet down and look at him,

" I na, was singing tunga tunga to amaira and amaira found it funny so she started laughing only..... ( and he starts laughing his infectious laugh), wasn't that a funny joke mumma?!"

ha ha ha!!! I didn't have the heart to tell him it was a funny anecdote because he really wanted it to be his first joke!

ok so you might not totally get this... google tunga tunga... its a punjabi song... and siddy's current favourite.... it brings out the inner sikh in him....

and the fact that we laugh when he sings it... (because can you imagine him singing "tunga tunga da saund karda"?!!!) he realised it was something funny so he either made up this story or maybe it really happened .... but the fact that he wanted to tell it to us like he was telling us a joke was just hilarious!!!

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