Wednesday, 12 July 2017

The Spidey Stories

So spider man was a much anticipated movie in our house because some people are absolute fans.. not me.. something about spidey just seems kinda silly to me!! 

But I think kids just love him... something about a kid superhero who can climb up walls and shoot sticky webs from his wrist!!

It was also one of the first actions Siddy learnt.. when we should say to him 'What does Spiderman do' He would stick his wrist out and try desperately to put out two fingers! At two and a half it was hilarious! 

And then whole last month in Jaipur he played the game on the x box so I think his love for the superhero was pretty much at its peak!!

Anyway.. So because of his this absolute love for Spiderman we booked tickets for last weekend. 

Here are three funny stories around it: 

1. He told my mum, who wasn't in the city, that we were going to go see it. So just for fun she says 

"Oh Siddy you're going with out me? Even I wanted to see it"

He thinks for a minute and says " aree nene it's a very violent movie there is too much action you won't like it." 

Such a thoughtful fellow he is... he didn't want her to feel like she was going to miss out on a fun movie!!

2. We are in the movie theater finally, after building it up for like a week. The movie is fun but a little slow. Maybe a little too slow because in the last fifteen minutes, just before the big fight someone passed out!! 

Passed out... while watching a movie he couldn't stop talking about! This kid is hilarious!

3. For a week prior to the movie he would see this big billboard ad for spider man on the way to school and constantly talk about it. The day after the movie when we were headed to school and he saw the billboard and said 

"Why is this ad still here? I already saw the movie"

Yes because the guys put up the ad just for you and now that you're done they can totally pull it down!!!! 

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