Thursday, 1 June 2017

Little Stories-3

Story One:

We are walking down our lane looking for an auto, when I see siddy looking up at he sky and smiling!

Why are you smiling? 

I'm smiling at the sun...

(Confused) why? 

So the sun makes me strong mumma, and because he can't talk I can't say thank you to him and he can't say welcome.. so I'm just smiling at him! 

Story Two:

We were in the states just done with Disney land... and even though he never asked for any toy or gift despite coming into a toy store after every single ride.. I was just fed up with gift shops. 

This one afternoon towards the end of the trip, we were at the national history museum in New York and while the guys were buying tickets, a friend of mine, him and I were walking around when we spotted a gift shop and she said come lets take a stroll. 

Before entering I said to him ' we are just going to walk around... no shopping' and he goes ok mumma.

We go in and walk around , and at one point my friend calls him excitedly ' siddy come see this' 

While walking towards her he says ' I can come and see it..but I can't buy it ok' 


I've never seen more shocked looking people! 

Story Three:

We've put siddy in capoeira classes! 

We tried gymnastics and capoeira and he really enjoyed the capoeira...

And he's a blast to watch in class... at home we are, well like every new parent have been, very particular about him jumping from too high, tumbling rolling and everything and anything that can lead to him getting hurt (yes yes we are over protective parents- another day another story) 

So anyway, at this class he's allowed to do it all and he's loving it! 

Now because it's the summer holidays, a lot of times there are just 2-3 kids in class..

Yesterday it was just him and this other girl, who was annoyingly uninterested in the class. So at the end, when the little girl had left ten minutes before class ended, the coach decided to teach siddy the capoeira song. 

It was fun watching him sing along! 

At one point he goes, now I'll sing you a song 

So the coach says "sure" 

But you have to guess it 


It starts the with letter k ( he made the sound ka) 

Hmmmmmm... I don't know can you help me? 

No you guess. 

After attempting a few names " can you please tell me the song?" 

Ok I'll tell you in your ears ( and then he says quite loudly) it starts with an L 

By now I'm ready to pack him off and rescue his poor coach. 

Finally the coach remembers he liked Coldplay and guessed Coldplay and siddy was like ya ya  correct ka for cold play! 

Anyway so now he must sing the song. 

The night has started and it's Friday night and the party is just beginning....

And something something along these nights of a Friday night party!!!! 

 I just wanted to vanish into thin air!!!! 

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